Diamond Back

Diamond Back Download File (art.darkp.com)

Diamond Back Download File (art.darkp.com)

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Create Date December 23, 2018
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Title: Diamond Back

Created by: Anwar Wilkerson - 2018

Art Type: Mixed Media

Materials: 8.5" by 11" card stock print, graphite pencil, various marker types, chalk / pastel, rubbing alcohol

Diamond Back
Diamond Back by Anwar Wilkerson - DarkprinceArmon Art: Lewd Nude Cartoon Artist (Click to see image)

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Horned Woman Roped in Chair is the latest image by art.darkp.com. I have become a bit more self conscious about calling my work #art or calling myself an #artist. I ? art is something done by those with a voice and an vision an I donít think I have much of that. Sadly to say how Iím felling about my #designs right now. Who knows. I may change my mind in the future. Maybe some one will tell me Iím wrong about that. I created this #mixedmedia #imagework #artwork using #pencil, #marker, and #paintmarker on #cardstock print paper. Itís a take on #bondage requested from a Facebook group long ago. This is #censored because I want to try somethings little different. I hope this doesnít put off my #instagramfollowers but I really want people to see my full work from my #website. I feel like I have given away enough freebies and now itís time to get something back. Subs to my site and views from my site is all I ask for enjoying my work. Thanks for taking the time to comment and follow my stuff here.

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