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My latest design is ready for posting. I call this one Lea with an (Interracial) Sex Partner.

My latest design is ready for posting. I call this one Lea with an (Interracial) Sex Partner. Materials I used to create this picture are graphite shading pencils, pen and marker, chalk pastels, workable fixative and color pencils. Below you can see my video documentation links created via and Twitter.

Disclaimer: The banner is censored but the work on this site is not. “Read More” will assume that you are age appropriate to see the content posted on this site.

This is a creation from a character I created back in 2014 (DeviantArt documentation 1,2). Thought it was time to give her some lewd content. I have future plans to do this to more of my own character creations. I think it time I start adding more layers to my own creations rather that lewd-ing commercialized works. I seems that the trend towards crackdown of this practice is becoming quite sophisticated as time passes.


Another thing that happened to me was my removal from Periscope. I don’t really care too much about it though, as I was just experimenting with what I could get away with on the cam streaming service that is owned by Twitter. Apparently the freedoms you get on lewd image content posting to twitter do not translate to Periscope. Although I find this to be a mistake given Periscope’s relationship to Twitter, it should be understood that social services such as these do not really care about the rights of individuals in content creation. They are beholden to a larger hierarchy that doesn’t include us minions. I joined which doesn’t have the same sophistication as its competition (it does allow lewd content streaming for artist) but time will fix this if people start to break their pattern with the mainstream sites and start exploring other options.

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