Drawing and Coloring Multiple Sex Partners at DarkprinceArmon Art

My latest design is ready for posting. I call this one Multiple Sex partners.

Multiple Sex Partners banner

My latest design is ready for posting. I call this one Multiple Sex partners. Materials I used to create this picture are pencil, charcoal pencil / block, felt pen / markers, Workable fixative, and gel pens. Below you can see the process in video documentation via my Periscope / Twitter account.

DISCLAMER: This picture is not a depiction of rape I am against such things. This was was referenced from a porn scene created by a studio in the industry showing multiple men having sex with a pornstar. My art and account has been removed by xHasmster after posting this with no reason for removal and I believe this maybe the reason why. Odd that the very site I referenced for this picture from did this without reason nor did they contact me. I will no longer be a member of xHamster nor will I try to create a new account with them. I am still a member of PornHub and I will be carful in posting future content there.

The first step was to ink the line drawn picture…

Next was the process of doing all of the shading using charcoal blocks / pencils, and graphite tone pencils…

Link to time-laps video of full shadowing process…
Link to art on Twitter…

After applying a coat of workable fixative to the drawing the last step was to add color using my favorite materials felt markers and gel pins…

Link to art on Twitter

I have learned a couple of things from this process. First is that it work really well using the workable fixative between the shadowing phase and the coloring phase. The workable fixative keeps the charcoal and the pencil from mixing with felt. Also I learned that on the technology side of streaming that it is best to record while streaming just incase your stream hits a snag. This happened on one of my recordings. Lastly I learned how to better name my streams. I didn’t apply an name to the inking streams but later on started doing it for the shadowing and finally coming to a perfect way to document on the coloring streams.


See me color this on DarkprinceArmon PornHub

In closing I have decided not to do voice or music recordings for the long-streams because I think it distracts from the calm, but I will add music for the time-laps streams because they act as advertisement.

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