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Cat Girl Phantom by Anwar Wilkerson - DarkprinceArmon Art: Lewd Nude Cartoon Artist (http://art.darkp.com) @darkprincearmon IG#. > Materials used to produce this #art #illustration where #MixedMedia: graphite pencils, pastel chalk, permanent marker, POSCA marker, and gel pen. > Reference used was an old illustration of this character reimagined into a new picture and pose based from artist imagination. > Cat girl Phantom was one of my first cat girl drawings back when I was getting into drawing lewd illustrations from my imagination. She is not based off of any existing commercial characters and is both a cat girl and a ghost. I picked up drawing cat girls in my early years of watching lots of old anime shows. Cat-girls where erotic creatures that did not mind being promiscuous back then. I did a lot of catgirl erotica poses first before moving on to just random female character types. In this illustration she has inflated in the breast and butt. Being a ghost has its haunting advantages when you can change the shape of your form. She seems friendly enough even though she is dead. Some on would love to be haunted by her. 🙂 Im messing around with exaggerations in my erotic cartoons to get some variety so I hope you find them interesting. > I enjoy making and sharing my traditional artworks on Instogram. You can read more about my work on my website http://anwarwilkerson.darkp.com. Character description is #nude, pink hair, green skin,large inflated breast, surreal, #nsfw > 4 by 6 art prints are available for this character and can be purchased online via Paypal link... (http://paypal.me/DarkprinceArmonArt) By donation of $5.00 USD. Only ships in us. Digital copies can be purchased from my website art.darkp.com. > Support Tags #nudeart #nudecartoon #nudeillustration #eroticart #eroticcartoon #eroticillustration #lewdart #lewdcartoon #lewdillustration #uniquecharacter #darkprincearmon #catgirl #myart #instagramartist #photoartalbum

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