Ariel Nude by the Dark Sea 3

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Ariel Semi Nude 3 Cartoon Illustration
Ariel Nude by the Dark Sea III by Anwar Wilkerson

Ariel Nude by the Dark Sea is created by Anwar Wilkerson (DarkprinceArmon | G+) in 2018.

Well this picture was quick. Three days of sequential work. One day of posting and the art shown. I wrote a small rant about how artist share-spam in my Instagram note worth reading if you have the time. The benefit of being an activate reader of my site is that you can see shared information from most of my off social media sites here. I try to keep it fresh between fragmented websites.

Moving back to topic.

This is the third variation based on the first drawing of Ariel I did for a DA request.

As the story goes…

The deviant ask me to create a picture for them based on Ariel standing on a beach fully nude except her top. The first picture I created of her was an Ariel with a scan clad top. The requester ask for a modification before adding color so I accommodated her with a fuller cover top according to their wishes. The results look like this.

Ariel Nude (Requested)
Ariel Nude (Requested) by Anwar Wilkerson

Changed to this…

Ariel Nude 2
Ariel Nude 2 by Anwar Wilkerson

Long story short

I think I took too long to do them, or the requester didn’t like either versions. I figure this because they never added them to their DA collection after they where complete. Many others DA art collectors however did. Oh well, can’t please some people even when the request was done for “free”.

More about the new one below…


Ariel Nude III is a #nsfwart #eroticart #eroticillustration created by me under my studio name DarkprinceArmon Art. Art can be purchased at my website ( and you can see a clear scan of it at ( I usually journal a bit about my creations in hopes that people read them. I feel like we #artistsoninstagram hashtag a lot without 💭 of telling anything further. I think sometimes we forget #Instagram is a #photoblog and not a hashtag spam session. Although I do use “#” throughout my post, they are meant to be in context. Some may find that annoying by it’s my #endrant. Hope you read anyway. This #picture is a #recolor and slight #redesign of Ariel Nude 2. I changed the #color the #backgroundart and the size of the #bikini top in 3 to 2 by the #DeviantArtist requests to do so and the preceded to color 2 first after creating a #digitalpainting I eventually showed of as Ariel Nude 1. I think I’m happier with the #traditionalart than the #digitalart when it comes to my creative #artistic preference. Not to disrespect. I still love 💗 all my digital artist as well. I hope you thumb through the #artalbum I have created to see all the details I put into this version. I’m thinking this will be the last version of this #composition even though I have a few mor #ariel in the works. Enjoin the work. Look for the #blogpost. ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for being great fans of my stuff. Keeps me motivated.

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Ariel Nude III – ( by Anwar Wilkerson…

Posted by DarkprinceArmon Art on Friday, July 13, 2018

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Ariel Semi Nude 3 Cartoon Illustration
Ariel Nude by the Dark Sea III by Anwar Wilkerson

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