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Kylie Griffin Witch #NudeArt #EroticArt #NudeIllustration (

Kylie Griffin Nude Witch
Kylie Griffin Nude Witch by Anwar Wilkerson

Kylie Griffin Nude Witch – Erotic Art Illustration is created by Anwar Wilkerson (DarkprinceArmon | G+) in 2017.

I created this from a Halloween request posted to the /ACO/ 4Chan board. I was lurking around and I came across a thread of Halloween request and just entered the board to see what was being requested. I liked the way some of the request had detail information with pictures and so I saved a few I though would be fun to do on my own time. I’m always experimented with my style so I chose this as a opportunity to see not only if I would enjoy the opportunity of creating art based on someone else preferences, but If I could achieve something I would like myself. I am quite happy how this turned out. I speak more about the style in my Instagram post. You can read all about it below ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

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Kylie Griffin #nude #witch #art and #artalbum by This is a belated #illustration I completed rather quickly but did after #halloween2017 as usual the album is #nsfwart so please advert your gaze if your are easily offended. My materials are #pencil, #markers and #posca with a hint of #gelpens for details. So the story behind this #picture goes like this. I was lurking #4chan’s /aco/ board and I came across a thread made for Halloween illustration #request. I loved how the information was packaged in a few of them so I picked some to do. I really wasn’t planing to do any serious work, but after finishing the #drawing I desired to continue adding #backgroundart and #colors🎨. I loved how it was turning out so I did some #artdocumentation filming on my IPVO for my YouTube channel Picture #2 is the end result. I approached this differently than my previous pictures. I did full #pencilrendering before doing any dark #ink lines and color. I also colored the background first and the the #figure last. I think 🤔 it gave the picture a more open feeling than my previous works. I believe I may continue to work this way on future stuff. Thanks for your time and ❤️❤️❤️s. Thanks also for being a fan of my #artworks.

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Kylie Griffin Nude Witch
Kylie Griffin Nude Witch by Anwar Wilkerson

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