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I am just a bad artist (art.darkp.com)

Well I think the truth is in the metrics and the metrics don’t lie. No one cares about my art except me. This makes me a bad terrible artist. I didn’t serve myself well in art school and all I became was a middle class teacher for it. Basically, I’m a failed artist with no purpose for doing my work, but only to get it done. Sadly I’m on several social media sites and they all prove the same point.  My skills are 30+ years of shit.

Deviant Art

So I have been on this social media the longest. It’s been a place where I lost the friend ship of one of my art students. I was blocked and never unblocked. It was because of a combination of things, but basically I happened and it has stuck with me the most.


Most of the people I called friends on Facebook grew up. They got new lives and better friends that pay attention to what they post. I’m just the guy posting my art (garbage) which nobody cares to see. Also I been banned a couple of times too. My art is not a hit even with the bans.


I think the only reason I have ❤️s on Instagram is because of cleverly placed hastags. Without them, no one would see or care to like anything I post there. Also, I suspect that some post only gets liked because of auto liking hastags. I know this because I posted the hastag #album, an I suddenly got followed by a few people who make album covers. Later I started posting #artalbum instead. I have a few good followers, but for the most part they are mostly people that followed me on Facebook and are only on Instagram because they like it better. I would increase posting there, but I’m slow.


I don’t think anything is real on Twitter. I been there for a long while. I post art that links back to my blog. I get a small number of hits.

My Art Blog

Well me being on the web has always been a failure. So now that it is a blog (remade several times) is no different. I get very few to no hits a month.


I think my failure is my own fault. I started doing this art. I started becoming this silly erotic cartoon artist instead of just going with fan art or good illustration. I started believing I could sell this stupid shit I call art. I created the hate I get from people who use to like me.  It’s all because of my crummy art choices.

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