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Cat-girl Nukia Sex #Illustration

Cat girl Nukia having sex with brown cocks
Cat girl Nukia having sex with brown cocks by Anwar Wilkerson

Cat-girl Nukia having sex with brown cocks is created by Anwar Wilkerson (DarkprinceArmon | G+) in 2016-2017.

Another picture that I started which is now completed with full color and is a part of my phallic art series, and also on r/sextart. I’m continuing down the journey of both creating and studying the use of sex in art as I have always founded it fascinating. Even though sex has been a forbidden subject throughout many of the cultures of the world, the is a growing unconnected collection of it surfacing and even being shared within the right social network community. I really like it when sexual artwork is shared apart from the porn sharing community that seems to be made up of only affiliate marketers who are only interested in selling 0.0001 cent per click advertisement. Also it would seem that sex art is gaining popularity in LGBTQ communities, however I don’t really see it as artistic if it is produced as a propaganda promote ones lifestyle choice over the choices of others. I myself try to not buy into propaganda movements when it comes to extreme political activism.

Changing the subject, this art piece really didn’t have much meaining to me at first. Later on as I came to completion with it, it began to take on some stylistic meanings for me. As always you can follow my Instagram post and gain an intimate story about my art.


Cat-girl Nukia is created by I reached way back to complete this #sexillustration which was started back in 2016. Flipping through this #nsfw #artalbum will reveal the #juxaposition of the #females pose in relation to the male phallic organ. The #color balance was constructed in a #tacky way to offset the mood of the scene. I think the #artcompsition makes this particular particular #artwork a #surrealist approach within a #cartoonist viewpoint. Nothing is rendered enough to be #realist and the #pattern and color is handled in an #impressionistic way. As I continue to work I need to push a slight edge towards realism without loosing my cartoon effects. Perhaps I’m just trying to mix things right now that don’t #collage together well in #illustration. I will continue regardless to achieve my #artistic goals. #artistsoninstagram search for my r/sextart.

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