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Purple Peach’s Interracial Encounter #Illustration

Purple Peach's Interracial Encounter
Purple Peach’s Interracial Encounter by Anwar Wilkerson

Purple Peach’s Interracial Encounter is created by Anwar Wilkerson (DarkprinceArmon | G+) in 2016 – 2017.

I have been sitting on this picture for a while. It was originally completed in 2016, but I held it back to add finishing touches to it later because I wanted it to be a part of my newer style. I was just studying sexual compositions when I made this picture. I did this by taking a screen shot from a porn movie and using its layout to redraw as one of my original characters. I was just testing my limits out using certain types of porn as a reference for drawing. Parts of the picture I like such as the composition and position of the body and parts of it I would probably redo like making the anatomy more cartoonish. I most likely would make it more cartoon looking these days as I believe the body type to be over realistic by my standards now. It’s probably because I tried then to stay to true to the reference rather than letting my instincts take over. I’m learning to be better about trusting my instincts as I do more work in this manner currently.



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