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Suspended from Facebook (Again)…

I have been a naughty boy…

Posting my latest sketch called “Roped Woman” got me the suspension hammer from Facebook. Again…


Once more I suspect it was a person reporting my work. funny thing is, I posted a rough sketch concept of the same art the day before and yet nothing reported.  I guess it was my fault kind of though. I have been working hard to build an audience and I have been vigorously posting my works into groups that I though could take the erotic visual fantasy… I suspect however this time it was someone that just recently liked my art page and did know what they where in for until that post pop up on their live feed.  My page has generated 2 of my last 4 suspensions from Facebook.  I can’t believe artist build their entire business around Facebook.  I should know better though. I’m a naughty artist unlike them.  The last time I was suspended it prompted me to focus my business on my own web site. I plan to keep that focus front and centered now.

30 days… Right in the middle of chatting business with a potential client.  That’s like a prison sentence LOL. Well hey, I can focus on building my own site and when I’m released back into the social wild I’m just going to keep it all to myself on my site, I’ll let twitter and tumblr do my talking for me from now on ^_-.

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