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BAM’s Threeway Adv. #Illustration

BAM Threeway Adventures
BAM Threeway Adventures by Anwar Wilkerson (DarkprinceArmon)

BAM’s Threeway Adventures is created by Anwar Wilkerson (DarkprinceArmon) in 2016. BAM original pose was referenced from a porn models picture that I hand drew and altered into this cartoon style picture you see before you.  The concept comes from the adult videos where you see a women surrounded by three or more men during a shoot.  BAM is an original character vixen I created who uses her body like a sex object and takes on multiple sex partners and controls them for personal gain.  She then uses her powers to cause confusions and demoralize her victims to control over their lives.

Original Illustration is traditional made 8.5″ by 11″ in size at $150.00 contact me for information on how to obtain.

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